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Gilles Roulin between Lauberhorn races and law exams

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Pure stress for Zurich ski ace

Gilles Roulin between Lauberhorn races and law exams

First the Lauberhorn races, then the law exams: Gilles Roulin from Zurich will not be bored in the next few days.


Cramming, training, cramming, training: Gilles Roulin has a lot on his plate at the moment.


Marcel W. Perrenreporter sports

Gilles Roulin is in the middle of the busiest week of his life. After the training on the longest descent in the world, the Zurich Oberlander has hardly any time to catch his breath, because the oral final exam for his distance learning law course is on the program on Sunday.

However, the 28-year-old attaches great importance to the fact that he is putting sport ahead of his professional future these days. “I’ll do anything for the Laubernhorn race. For the exam, I just do what doesn’t affect my performance for the competition.”

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