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Guillemenot and Amdouni meet for dead friend

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“It’s incredibly sad”

Guillemenot and Amdouni meet for dead friend

Ironically: Jérémy Guillemenot and Zeki Amdouni, good friends of Karim Gazzetta, who died last year, scored in the 1-1 draw between St. Gallen and FC Basel.

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St. Gallen’s Jérémy Guillemenot (left) and Basel’s Zeki Amdouni show Blick their inscribed undershirts: they read messages in memory of their deceased friend Karim Gazzetta.


Sebastian WendellReporter football

Jérémy Guillemenot and Zeki Amdouni are still standing together in the catacombs long after the 1-1 draw between St. Gallen and FC Basel. The two scorers in an exciting game. But her personal success and the result are pushed far into the background at this moment. Guillemenot and Amdouni wear undershirts with a special inscription: they are messages in memory of their friend Karim Gazzetta.

The former Xamax, Lausanne-Ouchy, Winterthur and Servette pro took his own life on November 21, 2022 at the age of 27. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, where he has played for Zrinjski Mostar since the summer. A shock for all football fans, but especially for Gazzetta’s family and friends, including Guillemenot and Amdouni, who like Gazzetta were born and raised in Geneva.

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