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Hamilton with yacht and Olympic champion in Antarctica

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Winter break in penguins

Lewis Hamilton with luxury yacht and Olympic champion in Antarctica

Lewis Hamilton is already preparing for the next season during the winter break – with a luxury yacht, an Olympic champion and animal companions. He chose a special spot for his training.


Lewis Hamilton is spending the winter break in a very special place.

There is currently a winter break in Formula 1. Lewis Hamilton has heard this and is preparing under particularly wintry conditions in an unusual place – in Antarctica. The seven-time Formula 1 champion celebrated his 38th birthday in the eternal ice on January 7th.

However, the Brit does not forego luxury even in the freezing cold. He is touring the South Pole region on the £200m mega-yacht Octopus. The 126 meter long luxury ship is the largest charter yacht in the world and costs a hefty sum that ordinary mortals can never afford: around 1.8 million pounds are due to rent the Octopus for a week. The ship was built for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and is said to have been sold to Swedish professional sailor and entrepreneur Roger Samuelsson after his death.

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