Friday, December 9, 2022

Hotshot Wiget wins ESAF wreath despite broken rib!

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“The pain was unbearable”

Hotshot Wiget wins ESAF wreath despite broken rib!

Not even a broken rib can stop Michael Wiget. The tough Bernese struggles to get his second ESAF wreath.


The fateful fight in 1st gear. Michael Wiget breaks two ribs in a duel with Nick Alpiger (above).

Nicola Abt

If there were a special prize for the wrestler who gritted the hardest at the ESAF, it would undoubtedly go to Michael Wiget (23). The Bernese Confederate breaks two ribs in first gear against Nick Alpiger. “The pain was unbearable.”

A reason to give up? Not for hotshot Wiget! “I received some injections that made the pain more bearable,” says the America fan, who looks back on very difficult weeks and months.

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