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How much longer will Rafael Nadal enjoy it?

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The end comes very suddenly

How much longer will Rafael Nadal enjoy it?

Like Steffi Graf, Rafael Nadal will end suddenly, writes tennis expert Heinz Günthardt exclusively for Blick.

Published: 32 minutes ago


Know each other well: Rafael Nadal (left) and tennis expert Heinz Günthardt.

Heinz Gunhardt

Heinz GunhardtBlick columnist

“Do you know what the worst feeling is that I’ve ever experienced on the tennis court?” Thomas Berdych, Wimbledon finalist 2010 asks me during a round of golf. Without waiting for an answer, he drives on. “Playing against Nadal when he’s 100 percent fit and in shape. It’s like riding a bike in a storm. You dismount to move forward, but then another squall comes and you dismount in resignation. Nothing can stand up to this force of nature.”

“Rafa” was not a force of nature in Melbourne on Wednesday night; Mackenzie McDonald didn’t have to get out of the saddle, no gusts shook him. Instead of a storm, there was a little thermal fanning, which the American was able to sail to victory without much effort.

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