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Ironically, ex-teammate Rossi injured Sörensen

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In the 1st game after moving to the SCL Tigers

Ironically, ex-teammate Rossi injured Sörensen

Friborg is swept off the ice by Langnau 5-0. And loses Marcus Sörensen after a collision with ex-teammate Matthias Rossi.

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With the help of his teammate Dave Sutter, Marcus Sörensen had to leave the ice against Langnau on Tuesday evening.

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Gregory Beaud

Last Saturday, Friborg agreed to early release Matthias Rossi from his expiring contract. The winger signed a contract with Langnau until the end of the season. As luck would have it, the two teams met on Tuesday night. The game was quickly decided: the SCL Tigers were leading 5:0 after just under 15 minutes.

Defector Rossi after victory: “A quick 5-0 can also be dangerous”(01:23)

While the final result was certain, the nightmare for Friborg was not yet over. Things got even more dramatic when Marcus Sörensen (30) was only able to leave the ice on one leg in the 45th minute with the help of his teammate Dave Sutter. The agile Swede had been hit a few moments earlier. Ironically by Rossi.

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