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Is Sion now moving to the Juve swamp?

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Constantin explains controversial deal

Is Sion now moving to the Juve swamp?

Juventus are in the quagmire over possible transfer fraud. A deal with Sion has now also been investigated, as confirmed by Christian Constantin. What’s behind it?


Christian Constantin comments on a deal between Sion and Juventus.

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Carlo Emanuele FrezzaReporter football

Investigations against Juventus have been in full swing for weeks. The Italian record champions are said to have systematically inflated player ratings during transfers in order to improve their balance sheet.

Investigators are currently examining transfer after transfer. The “Gazzetta dello Sport” speaks of a total of 22 deals. It’s primarily about suspiciously high ratings of individual players who, in the worst case, nobody really knows and whose transfers actually don’t result in any money. FC Sion is said to have been involved in such a deal.

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