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Is the FCL now threatened with a license bang?

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Someone has to pay for losses

Is the FCL now threatened with a license bang?

Keeping track of the power struggle for the FCL is not easy. Especially because the next problem is already knocking in Central Switzerland.


Who carries the guarantee for the licensing process of possibly 5 million francs at the FCL?

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Carlo Emanuele FrezzaReporter football

There are still a good 50 days until the first deadline in the licensing process for the 2023/24 season. Clubs must submit their licensing documentation to the Swiss Football League (SFL) by March 2nd. In addition to many formalities, two points are particularly important, emphasizes SFL media spokesman Philipp Guggisberg. “A club must not be over-indebted and must present a balanced budget.”

This is definitely a problem for FC Luzern. Both the parent company FCL Holding AG and the subsidiary FCL Innerschweiz AG reported a loss in the millions for the financial year ended June 2022. In addition, the FCL is unlikely to have covered the loss in the transition period from July to December, which is a decisive factor in the licensing process – on the contrary. In other words, someone has to pay for the shortfall or at least provide a bank guarantee. It is rumored that this is an amount of around 5 million Swiss francs.

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