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“It was a shock, I was afraid for the baby”

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Kälin on pregnancy drama

“It was a shock, I was afraid for the baby”

After her emotional post about her pregnancy shock, Sonia Kälin is now talking about the details and her feelings.


Shock for Sonia Kälin (37): During her second pregnancy, bleeding occurs out of nowhere.

With her Instagram post on Thursday, the four-time wrestler queen Sonia Kälin (37) causes a little shock among her fans: Kälin writes about her big shock moment during her second pregnancy for a picture in which she can be seen pregnant. In the 15th week she suffered a heavy hemorrhage out of nowhere, without any prior notice. Fortunately, she got the all-clear from the doctor.

Kälin now talks to Blick about her current state of health and her feelings at that point in time: “I’m basically fine now. I feel very pregnant and feel the baby every day». First and foremost, she was relieved, because “it could have been much worse”. Kälin is now in the last trimester of her pregnancy.

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