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“It wasn’t the fault of the system, the players weren’t good”

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One day after the 6-1 defeat, national team coach Murat Yakin answered media questions.


Stephane Henchoz (72 caps for Switzerland)

“Like the players, Yakin surprised me with his system change. Of course, Widmer’s absence was serious. But you knew before the tournament when you were nominated that it would be a problem if Widmer or Rodriguez got injured when he didn’t take a substitute. But I also want to say that at the beginning of the game there was no problem with Portugal, even in the new system. If you then analyze the first goals conceded, Schär is just too far away. The second was a corner kick. It wasn’t the system’s fault. And then when you switched to a back four, you conceded four goals in the second half. I don’t agree to fault the system or Yakin. That’s too easy. It was the players who weren’t good.”

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