Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Janis Moser: “I’m trying to learn from Roman Josi”

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Blick: If you think back to Janis Moser from the first World Cup in 2019 and now look at Janis Moser from the World Cup in 2022 – is that still the same player?
Janis Moser: I really hope it’s not the same player anymore! Between 18 and 21, these are years in which a hockey player develops enormously. It should be the case that you can take a step forward every year and so far it’s working out relatively well for me.

At your first World Cup you were already an amazingly mature and solid defender at the age of 18, but you were still holding back on offense. That has changed. Their performances in Helsinki are somewhat reminiscent of Roman Josi. Agreed?
Roman Josi is someone who does a lot of things right and I try to learn two or three things from him. So I’m very happy that there are people who see parallels.

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