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Lyon has to pay wages to ex-player after pregnancy

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“Wake-up call for all clubs”

Lyon has to pay wages to ex-player because of pregnancy

Because Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir was not paid any wages during her pregnancy, her ex-club Lyon is now being asked to pay.

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Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir (right, here against FCZ player Vanessa Bernauer) receives a wage from former club Lyon.

Olympique Lyon has to pay Icelander Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir more than 80,000 euros in wages that were not paid during her pregnancy. That was decided by the Fifa tribunal.

“This story is bigger than me,” Gunnarsdottir, the record Icelandic international, wrote on Twitter after the decision was announced. “This is a wake-up call for all clubs and a message to all players that they have rights and guarantees if they are pregnant or want to become pregnant during their career.”

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