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New rules are intended to slow down German super bobsleds

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Bobsleigh World Cup starts in Whistler

New rules are intended to slow down German super bobsleds

The yawn dominance of the Germans paralyzed the sport of bobsleigh. Now, this winter, new technology rules are intended to reduce the material advantage. The Swiss could also benefit from this.


With speed in the ice channel: The German bobsleigh dominators around the permanent winner Francesco Friedrich have to cope with a new set of rules in the new season.


Matthew Dubachreporter sports

After the Olympic Games in Beijing, quite a few officials in the bobsleigh circus were really hateful. The reason: the material advantage of the German super bobsleigh in China was so great that in the two-man bobsleigh, for example, the podium was occupied by nothing but Germans.

The tenor of all opponents, including the Swiss: This yawning dominance must be contained somehow. There were even calls for a standard sled so that Germany would no longer be allowed to use the sleds developed by the state sports equipment manufacturer FES, which cost millions.

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