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NFL star messes up win with over-the-top celebrations

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Pure drama in American football

NFL star messes up win with over-the-top celebrations

Stupid run: The thoughtless celebration of NFL professional DJ Moore (25) actually cost his team the win. Instead of the third win of the season, the Carlina Panthers have their sixth defeat.


The supposedly decisive scene: DJ Moore catches a pass twelve seconds before the end and equalizes for his team.

DJ Moore (25) from the Carolina Panthers no longer had his emotions under control.

With 12 seconds remaining in the game against the Atlanta Falcons, the wide receiver caught a high-risk 62-yard pass from quarterback PJ Walker (27). With the touchdown, the Panthers equalize to 34:34, understandably Moore’s cheering knows no bounds. He jumps onto the stands and celebrates exuberantly. But because he takes off his helmet to do so, the referees give his team a penalty – with consequences.

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