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Niederreiter hits the Josi Pass with ice skates

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Swiss co-production

Niederreiter hits the Josi Pass with ice skates

The Nashville Predators lose for the second time in a row despite a Niederreiter goal, Kuraschew is the only victorious Swiss of the NHL night.


Can still celebrate: Roman Josi (left) and Nino Niederreiter (right) are responsible for leading the Predators.

Thanks to a Swiss co-production, the Nashville Predators got off to a great start: In the 11th minute, Captain Roman Josi passed the goal, where Nino Niederreiter deflected the puck with his ice skate to gain the lead.

However, the lead played by the two Swiss didn’t last long, just five minutes later the Canadiens turned the game around. In the end, Nashville lost 3:4. Josi received almost 30 minutes of ice time in the second loss in a row.

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