Wednesday, March 22, 2023

No overtime madness in the Super League

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League is against rule change

No overtime madness in the Super League

In Switzerland, the rules for referees remain untouched for the time being. There won’t be crazy long stoppage times like at the Winter World Cup.

14 minutes of stoppage time: There won’t be such crazy stoppage times as at the World Cup in Qatar this season in the Super League.


Matthew Dubachreporter sports

After the World Cup in Qatar, the Swiss Football League and the SFV took a close look at all sorts of findings from the tournament. One of the central questions in the analysis: will the new stoppage time rule also be introduced in Swiss football?

At the World Cup, the referees were required to make up for interruptions more consistently. The result, especially in the group games: An aftermath madness with additional game phases after each half. England against Iran, for example, only ended after an incredible 117 minutes.

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