Tuesday, December 6, 2022

«Playoffs? I find it absolutely insane!”

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These changes will really turn Swiss football upside down in the season after next: From the 2023/24 season, the Super League will consist of twelve teams instead of the previous ten. And the championship is now divided into three phases. There are 22 matchdays in the qualifying round, with each team playing one home and one away game against the other eleven clubs. Then comes phase two – the final round: The top six from the first phase play in the champions group – and the clubs in seventh to twelfth place in the relegation group (without dividing or halving points). Then again, it’s all against all. With respective home and away games, which brings together ten more rounds each.

A Blick survey shows that the readers are not at all satisfied with the changes. Over 21,000 voted, 39 percent opted for the option “I don’t like the reforms in general”. 36 percent can make friends with the increase to twelve teams, but have no interest in the playoffs. Just 3 percent opted for the opposite choice. And only one in five votes thinks the idea is great and expects more excitement as a result – right up to the end.

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