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Premier League game suspended due to drone

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Curious incident in England

Premier League game suspended due to drone

The football fan has rarely seen anything like it. The Premier League game Southampton – Aston Villa has to be interrupted because a drone has flown into the stadium.

Published: 11 minutes ago


Those involved look puzzled: is a drone really landing on the field?

The 42nd minute is running at St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton. When the score is 0-0, the away team gets a promising free kick from around 20 meters. Douglas Luiz, former partner of the Swiss Alisha Lehmann, is ready. But the Brazilian can’t take the free-kick – because referee Michael Salisbury suddenly stopped the game!

The reason? A drone has strayed into the stadium and is flying slightly above the pitch through the arena. At first the players and spectators were slightly surprised when Salisbury whistle, then they dutifully followed the referee into the cabin aisle and waited for the drone to disappear. After nine minutes we finally continue.

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