Thursday, December 8, 2022

Pressure is increasing – when does it really crack?

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The pressure has increased with the new regulations. For some drivers, the future for 2023 is already at stake. Piastri, De Vries and Pourchaire are in the starting blocks. Especially Latifi at Williams, Tsunoda at Alpha Tauri and Ricciardo at McLaren have to tremble. Alonso is also threatened with Alpine. But the Spaniard would like Vettel’s job at Aston Martin. The “green” German is getting more and more bogged down in all directions. Now he was on a British TV show, complaining about human rights, climate change and Formula 1. “Yes, I’m a hypocrite if you ask me about the petrol madness in our sport!” Just think of the around 150 trucks that are on the road for transport in Europe. Then Vettel visited the workshops of a youth prison! His most important sentence in the current mental crisis: “I want to win again, I don’t feel like fighting for tenth places anymore!” Like a week ago against his friend Schumi in Miami.

It’s amazing that the world champion son Mick Schumacher (23) somehow has a special status with the constant TV and online critics Marc Surer, Ralf Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve. No one dares to speak plain language – as in the case of the Miami accident against Vettel. But when the trio sets their sights on Sir Lewis Hamilton (37), the Brit always gets something sour. Sure, the seven-time world champion is not (yet) in the old mode, he thinks more about the weaknesses of the vulnerable Mercedes than his teammate George Russell, who is usually happier in the races (in the top five in all five races). But Hamilton is a fighter!

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