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“Puppy Nyki distracts us from Kooki’s death”

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FCZ President Ancillo Canepa mourns Kooki: The shepherd died in November.


Matthew Dubachreporter sports

Blick: A year ago, the FCZ leader was, you said at Christmas: “We don’t need any gifts, 40 points are enough gifts.” Now Zurich is last. So did you have to go back and find a gift for Heliane?
Ancillo Canepa:
We gave each other a gift. Nyki is our newest addition to the family. This is an eight-week-old puppy that brings us and our dog Chilla great joy.

You’re talking about the cute little dog that’s just wet the office floor behind you?
Oh, I have to clean that up quickly. You see, Heliane and I are quite challenged until Nyki is out of the boorish age. It’s a 24/7 job right now. She also distracts us from the fact that Kooki sadly passed away in November.

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