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Referee shows a white card for the first time ever

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Historic football moment

Referee shows a white card for the first time ever

A historic moment happened in Portugal at the weekend: For the first time, a white card was shown in a football game. However, this does not serve to sanction players.

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Historic moment: For the first time in the history of football, a white card is shown in a competitive game.

Well, what’s going on there? In the cup match between the women’s teams Benfica Lisbon and Sporting last Saturday, the referee Catarina Campos suddenly pulled out a white card.

When the score is 3-0 for Benfica, a fan collapses in the stands. Medical workers from both teams then rush to the emergency site and tend to the person. When he seems to be doing better again, they return to the field, where the referee shows them the white card – as recognition and appreciation.

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