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Russi refused to comment in High German

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Thurnheer about expert extra sausage at SRF

Russi refused to comment in High German

Beni Thurnheer (73), the “Schnurri der Nation”, to discuss commenting in Swiss German.


Bernhard Russi (r.) Was a co-commentator on SRF for years (here next to Matthias Hüppi.) The ski legend initially refused to speak High German.

How do you like the dialect commentary in Schwingen?
Very good. Hofmann’s Bernese German is the perfect dialect. Because he’s so sluggish. That goes with swinging. Nice and slowly, one by one. Bern German is the extreme case of all Swiss dialects. That wouldn’t work for other sports. Imagine: Ice hockey in Bern German – Impossible!

More about Schwiizerdütsch on SRF

Normally, the commentator speaks High German and the expert dialect…
Yes, there is a reason. Very few sports experts can speak High German. That needs training. This is an art. By the way, it’s a Lex Russi at SRF. Bernhard Russi set the precedent. He was supposed to comment with Karl Erb and said at the time: “I like doing it, just not in high German.” This is how this extra sausage came about.

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