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She was a surfing instructor and is now shining in the Ski World Cup

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US youngster Ava Sunshine

She was a surfing instructor and is now shining in the Ski World Cup

Ava Sunshine (20) finishes in the points in her first World Cup race. A feat. But who is the woman who is often confused with superstar Eileen Gu?


Ava Sunshine Jemison scores points straight away in her first two World Cup races. At the FIS she is listed as Ava Sunshine.


Mathias Germannreporter sports

Her name alone makes you sit up and take notice: Ava Sunshine. sunshine? Exactly, in German: sunshine. And that’s exactly how the 20-year-old American beamed last weekend in Levi (Fi). In her first World Cup races, she immediately finished in the points (ranks 21 and 27). “Like Bode Miller”, compatriot Mikaela Shiffrin (27) is full of praise in the TV interview.

That’s why the question arises: have we seen the birth of a new skiing star in Levi? We are not that far yet. Sunshine won the Nor Am Cup overall ranking last year, the counterpart to the European Cup here. But the way to the top of the ski slopes is still a long way off. The vita of the young woman is already exciting. First she, whose full name is Ava Sunshine Jamison, explains her special middle name. “My parents chose Sunshine because they wanted something completely different,” Sunshine told Blick. Her siblings are called Violet and Cash – in German violet and cash.

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