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Shiffrin’s cool reaction to the mixed-up periods

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No bike tour!

Shiffrin’s cool reaction to the mixed-up periods

“Cycling” instead of “Cycle”, cycling instead of menstruation – ski star Mikaela Shiffrin was misunderstood on Ösi-TV. The American takes it with humor and responds with a funny video message.

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Updated: 7:31 p.m


In an interview with Austrian TV, Shiffrin is thoroughly misunderstood.

The video with the statement by Mikaela Shiffrin (27) after the giant slalom triumph in Kronplatz (I) on Wednesday has now been shared and commented on thousands of times: the ski dominator speaks somewhat embarrassed in an interview with Austrian television about her menstruation. She is currently “at an unfavorable time in the monthly cycle”, which is why she is more tired than usual.

In the ORF, the word “cycle” is translated somewhat differently from the interview conducted in English. Instead, the moderator speaks of cycling and the monthly bike trip, for which Shiffrin would now lack the energy.

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