Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sion fans cause the next scandal

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The guest sector in Geneva goes up in flames.

10 - Ugo Curty - Journaliste Blick.jpeg

Ugo Curty

The noise is deafening. The rockets fired from the Valais fan sector fly into the Geneva sky. Some even bounce off the roof and fall toward the lawn. Several families nearby pack up and leave. The stewards call the Samaritans.

The referee is forced to interrupt the Rhone derby between Servette and Sion (between the 76th and 80th minute). After a firework display, the Sion fans set off a crazy series of smoke bombs, the smoke covering the entire stadium. The Geneva fans also ignite pyrotechnic objects. However, the dominance of FC Sion in this respect (and only in this respect) is undisputed.

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