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Sprint Olympic champion Bolt is looking for $12 million

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Fraud in Jamaica

Sprint Olympic champion Bolt is looking for $12 million

Sprint star Usain Bolt is missing a lot of money. Whether he will get his fortune back is questionable.

Published: 17 minutes ago

Usain Bolt shows his typical cheering gesture in 2012.

Eight-time Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt is on the hunt for about $12.7 million that have disappeared from his accounts at Jamaican investment firm SSL. As a lawyer for the world record holder over 100 and 200 meters, who retired in 2017, explained, there is only a sum of 12,000 dollars (approximately 11,000 francs). The money was intended for the pension insurance of Bolt and his parents.

If the money does not reappear, the matter will be taken to court, the lawyer said. In a statement on January 12, SSL spoke of possible misconduct by a former employee, security protocols had been tightened and the authorities informed. Jamaica’s Finance Minister Nigel Clarke was shocked by the scale of the fraud, which apparently not only killed Bolt but other people. (SDA)

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