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SRF viewers have to applaud Berner’s pen

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Applause duty in the studio

SRF viewers have to applaud Berner’s pen

If the audience in the SRF studio doesn’t notice for themselves when to clap, moderator Lukas Studer intervenes.


Proud to have England in his heart: Bruno Berner shows his Three Lions pen.

England is part of his life. Bruno Berner (45) played on the island for five years. For Blackburn and for Leicester City.

The Winti coach is still rooting for the Three Lions today. When he analyzed the round of 16 of the English against Senegal for SRF as an expert, he even had a special lucky charm with him. “Show your pen again,” asks SRF man Lukas Studer (45) Berner. Grinning broadly, Berner holds his pen up to the camera. It’s a Kugi with the Three Lions crest on it.

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