Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Switzerland is crying with you today, Roger!

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Tears have often been seen in Roger Federer’s long career – here after the final victory against Marin Cilic in Melbourne in 2018.

We have an emotional relationship with each other. We were together for 24 years. You allow me the you. After everything we’ve experienced and been through? Me, Switzerland and you, Roger Federer.

I still remember our beginnings well. Let’s be honest: it was more of an affair at the beginning. You came into my living room from time to time. You were wild and impetuous. The next day you were gone again without leaving a message.

Then things got more serious between the two of us. We got to know each other better and I suddenly realized: We can become something special! You have that certain something. You can do things that nobody has done before you. You made me swoon. And suddenly I noticed how people pay more attention to me. because of you. “Switzerland, isn’t that the one with Federer?” They rumored. I enjoyed that immensely.

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