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Ten theses on Urs Fischer

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Urs Fischer has long been known for his work well beyond the borders of Switzerland.


I’m not really from Zurich, because I was born in Triengen, Lucerne

“That’s a highlight (laughs). Because my hometown, which one inherits from my father, is Triengen, they say I was born there. But that’s not true, I was born in the city of Zurich. I lived in Dietikon for the first two or three years, but I grew up in Neu-Affoltern.”

It’s a coincidence that I became an FCZ legend and not a GC legend

“That was destiny. We were playing football on the playground when a colleague asked me if I wanted to do a trial at FCZ. Had he been at GC, I might have ended up at GC. It was important for me that I could play football. Later there was a request from GC for the Inter-A juniors, but that was out of the question for me.”

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