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The championship title is not a taboo subject for FCB

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Despite being 14 points behind YB

The championship title is not a taboo subject for FCB

14 points behind leader YB, FC Basel started their race to catch up from 5th place. Club boss David Degen’s requirement is clear: Anything other than second place is not enough.

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5th place, which FCB currently occupies, is far too little. Coach Alex Frei also knows who, after the preparations, sees his team ready to catch up.


Sebastian WendellReporter football

Despite the freezing cold: FCB coach Alex Frei expects a hot game on Sunday at the start of the second half of the season in St. Gallen. “It’s going to be intense for both teams. St. Gallen will attack us early on, but we have defensive and offensive solutions ready.”

Must Frei and FCB too! Red-Blue cannot afford another winless series like at the beginning of the championship. Because President David Degen’s goal for the season is ambitious: 2nd place – everything else is not enough.

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