Friday, December 9, 2022

“The engine is ignited”

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Mr. Fischer, please take stock after the first games.
Patrick Fischer: We’re on course, we’ve seen a lot of good things, the attitude of the players is excellent. The 1-0 win against Denmark really ignited the engine and we were able to pick up momentum and use it. Last but not least, we also had enough self-confidence to count on these victories at the start. Now our focus is fully on Kazakhstan.

Is there a risk after the Denmark bash that Kazakhstan will be taken lightly?
I can’t look into the subconscious of the players, we just know that we want and need to improve day by day. The Kazakhs were defeated twice, and they weren’t very lucky. This indicates that they could become very dangerous to us. However, we are confident in our abilities and, above all, we have the will to continue to be tough and straightforward.

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