Tuesday, March 28, 2023

“The FCZ is not our competitor”

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Who else, Bruno Berner?

“The FCZ is not our competitor”

There can only be one goal for promoted Winterthur in the second half of the season: Somehow defend rank 9, which leads to direct league promotion. Trainer Bruno Berner reveals how it could work.

Published: 31 minutes ago


Winti coach Bruno Berner reveals to Blick in the Marbella training camp how the league can be managed for the promoted team.


The cushion from promoted Winterthur to the bottom of the table is four points, occupied by the fallen champions from Zurich. But Winti trainer Bruno Berner says: “The FCZ is not our competitor!”

I beg your pardon? Has Berner already given up defending the saving bank before the second half of the season begins?

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