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The first strong sign of the association

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Commentary on the animal abuse case by Paul Estermann

The first strong sign of the association

Six years after Blick revealed the animal torture investigations against show jumper Paul Estermann, the association is now acting and demanding a ban.

Published: 8:06 p.m


Updated: 8:29 p.m

Nicole Vandenbrouck, Blick reporter.


Nicole VandenbrouckIce hockey reporter

For the first time, the Equestrian Federation is sending out a strong signal in the long-delayed animal abuse case of Paul Estermann. The show jumper has hardly let the appeal period of the last judgment pass without making use of it, and the immediate reaction: the board of directors has asked the internal sanctions commission for a temporary ban before the final sanction is imposed.

After Blick revealed the case and the investigations against the show jumper in March 2017, the association hid behind the presumption of innocence for years under the previous leadership and thus avoided responsibility. So they failed to deal with the case in a courageous and proactive manner.

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