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The football fairy tale of ex-Aarau star Spadanuda

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Kevin Spadanuda (left) has been playing for Ajaccio in Ligue 1 since the summer of 2022 – the culmination of an unprecedented football fairy tale.


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When Kevin Spadanuda and girlfriend Cristiana were looking for holiday destinations in spring 2022, Corsica was also shortlisted. Unaware that a few weeks later the dream island for the couple and daughter Naiara will become much more than a place to relax: they have been living here since summer. Spadanuda is a professional at Ligue 1 club AC Ajaccio.

After two months, the three of them in a cramped hotel room, the family found an apartment away from the old town. Spadanuda (25) guides Blick through the pretty apartment during the video interview and says: “I want to keep improving my sport. But I also enjoy drinking my coffee with a view of the sea every morning. It’s the reward for everything I’ve had to go through.”

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