Monday, February 6, 2023

The greatest feat of her career

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Rowing is a brutal feat. The muscles burn when the boat seems to glide easily over the water. And then the training: months of drudgery in the weight room. Hundreds of hours on the water.

Jeannine Gmelin knows this life well. And also that every drudgery ends at some point. At some point the boat will reach its destination. Eventually the exhaustion will subside. At some point, every training camp comes to an end. Eventually the pain will subside.

But Gmelin is doing the greatest feat of her career these days. Because now the pain won’t go away. She lost her loved one with her trainer and life partner Robin Dowell.

No sport in the world is so brutal: after this stroke of fate, no finish line ends the ordeal. No massage helps against the pain of suddenly being alone.

The fact that Gmelin, in the middle of the mourning phase, nevertheless declared her resignation personally to the media instead of by communique and did not hide her tears, deserves the utmost respect. This day must have cost her a lot of strength.

When I say goodbye to Gmelin after the media appointment, I wish her a lot of strength. Alas, knowing that words cannot ease the pain.

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