Friday, December 9, 2022

The Insurmountables are back!

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If the word veryoungboysen hadn’t been invented for the Berner Sport Club, it would have been a perfect match for FC Winterthur. Because for several years, what applied to YB one step higher was true for a long time: He failed when it really counted. If he played a good preliminary round and smelled promotion, he threw himself off the pedestal with a series of bad games and reliably blurred all thoughts of promotion – and then reliably won almost every meaningless game by the end of the season. “Wait, stop,” people used to say.

Whoever has been with the club for a long time and is now accessing teletext page 204 is all the more incredulous: Winterthur is there, in large green letters, with a big one in front of it. Return to excellence – after 1985!

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