Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The miracle of Kloten

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Kloten coach Jeff Tomlinson (right, talking to assistant coach Kimmo Rintanen) has a feel for his players.


Unbelievable, but true: The climber is classified seventh, just ahead of the master. Kloten also won the direct comparison against Zug 4:2 on Sunday.

Three power play goals – Kloten turns the game in 15 minutes

EHC Kloten – EV Zug 4:2: Three power play goals – Kloten turns the game in 15 minutes(05:58)

If you’re looking for the reasons why the airport townsfolk have soared, you can’t get past coach Jeff Tomlinson. The Canadian has a feel for the player – and the people. As with the rise with the SCRJ Lakers, he has to deal with a squad that is too large. But the 52-year-old knows how to find the right role for each individual and how to convey its importance. He does this authentically and transparently, conveying his system and philosophy in such a way that every player believes in them. A positive dynamic has developed.

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