Saturday, April 1, 2023

The most important questions about the Tagliavini case

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Viviane Obenauf Tagliavini’s lawyer Rouven Brigger has filed an appeal against the first-instance verdict and is now awaiting the written verdict. This can take between three and five months. Then he will base the appeal on this written judgment and the whole case will end up in the Supreme Court. Although this is based on the previous investigations, it can, for example, approve new applications for evidence or the hearing of witnesses. The judgment of the Supreme Court will probably be made in late summer or autumn 2023 at the earliest. If Viviane Obenauf Tagliavini is also found guilty in the second instance, the defense still has the last chance to go to the federal court.

Viviane Obenauf Tagliavini was not only sentenced to 16 years in prison and 12 years’ expulsion from the country. She also has to pay the procedural costs of 114,000 francs, plus 6,000 francs in compensation for the victim’s sister. In addition, they have to pay their attorney’s fees. She doesn’t have that money. Who pays for all this? Forehand the state. If she is acquitted, everything will be reassessed again. You will then certainly not have to bear any costs and can sue for damages. If she is not released, she owes these amounts to the state.

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