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“The players sometimes fight with inner demons”

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5 questions for EVZ sports manager Kläy

“The players sometimes fight with inner demons”

In his nine-year tenure at EVZ, head of sport Reto Kläy has never had to fear for the playoff home advantage. Until now. The 44-year-old says what annoys him the most in this season that hasn’t been consistent enough.

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The EVZ, like Carl Klingberg against Zurich’s Patrick Geering here, has to go down again and again.


Nicole VandenbrouckIce hockey reporter

Blick: What are you most worried about at the EVZ at the moment?
Reto Klay: To care? Nothing. I know what you’re aiming for. That we are not where we and everyone expect in the table. Of course we are not satisfied. There is an inconsistency there. The potential is there, but it has to be accessible. We’ve lost some of our self-confidence, perhaps because we believe that everything will continue as it has over the past two years. But that doesn’t mean you have to question everything. The top level can be seen from time to time, but too rarely. But lately the trend has been positive.

Could you live with the pre-playoffs?
I would have to. But we still have the opportunity to use the remaining program positively. In my nine years here, we’ve never had to fear for playoff home advantage. So we were never worse than fourth and it almost became a matter of course. The pre-playoffs would be a new starting point for us, but also an opportunity.

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