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The risk drivers live dangerously in Kitzbühel

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The Lauberhorn show doesn’t work everywhere, says ski legend Bernhard Russi

The risk drivers live dangerously in Kitzbühel

The speed specialists put on a show for the spectators on the Lauberhorn descent. Also because they are ready for almost anything. This strategy works in the Bernese Oberland. In Kitzbühel, however, this bill could be expensive, says ski legend Bernhard Russi.


Aleksander Aamodt Kilde: Hardly anyone celebrates driving at the limit like the Norwegian.

Bernhard Russi

Bernhard RussiBlick columnist

Downhill and Super-G are high-risk sports. High speeds, icy slopes, hard surfaces and from time to time almost no crash areas!

Those who compete and move in it are a very special species. Daredevils, adventurers, types of players who are infused with a pinch of fatalism.

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