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The Saudis want to become a major sporting power

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From football to Formula 1 to golf

The Saudis want to become a major sporting power

Whether football, Formula 1 or golf. With the help of major sporting events and investments, Saudi Arabia wants to make headlines and sell the country well to the world. Ronaldo’s move to the desert state is just one of many stages in image politics.


Rejoicing in the north east of England is huge as Newcastle United are bought out by the Saudis.

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Nicholas HorniRingier journalism student

On December 30, Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Al-Nassr is a fact. The five-time world footballer cannot resist the fat million dollar package from Saudi Arabia. The change and the performance at the beginning of January can hardly be surpassed in terms of curiosity. The highlight: Ronaldo says he’s playing in South Africa. It is obvious that he probably only moved to the desert because of the money. But he’s far from the only player who couldn’t resist the temptation. Even entire sports have followed the lure of the royal family and their state fund, the “Public Investment Fund”.

Not only Newcastle benefits from the money

First of all football. After stops in Shanghai and Doha, the Italian Supercup will be visiting Saudi Arabia in 2018 and 2019. Also this year the “Supercoppa Italiana” will take place in Riyadh. The league earns 23 million euros a year for this. The Spanish counterpart receives even more money. The Spanish Supercup has been taking place in Saudi Arabia since 2019, with La Liga receiving 40 million euros a year for it.

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