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The sport loses a “Gmüetsmore”

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Commentary on Christian Stucki’s resignation

The sport loses a “Gmüetsmore”

Swiss wrestling king Christian Stucki has announced his resignation. Steffi Buchli, the Blick Group’s sports editor-in-chief, puts things into perspective.


Steffi Buchli, Editor-in-Chief of Sport at the Blick Group.

Christian Stucki is a big one. He was one of only two wrestlers to win the Grand Slam (Federal, Unspunnen, Kilchberger) and has a total of 133 wreaths. He is an impressive 1.98 m tall and also a giant in character.

Stucki «Chrigu» was and is more than a wrestler. An ambassador who stands for down-to-earth, solid Swiss values. He showed greatness even in the moment of defeat. The Berner was one of Schwing’s marketing miracles, well managed and a prime advertising face.

Christian Stucki was also lucky. He was active in the golden era of wrestling. The media heaved the sport onto the big stage, staging the men in thong pants as modern-day gladiators. He used this stage like no other, approachable and likeable.

In a phase in which athletes boasted almost zero fat levels in sport, he was unperturbed by criticism of his fitness. His basic attitude was always: “Take me as I am, or leave it.” His successes proved him right.

In 2023 we can look forward to one last hurray from the king on his doorstep in Lyss or even to the Unspunnen classic. As a “Gmüetsmore” with star appeal, Stucki will be really missed in wrestling. Long live the king.

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