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Ukrainian about video scandal about Papa Djokovic

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“This must not go unnoticed”

Ukrainian tennis player on the video scandal surrounding Papa Djokovic

Srdjan Djokovic caused a stir with a video at the Australian Open. The Ukrainian Marta Kostyuk also noticed. And criticize the whole thing.


Marta Kostyuk comments on the Papa Djokovic video.

A year ago, Novak Djokovic (35) made headlines with his entry theater around the Australian Open. This year it is his father Srdjan (62) who fills the newspapers with his actions.

After Novak’s quarter-final win over Andrei Rublev, he posed with a man holding a Russia flag with a portrait of Putin. A large “War Z” was also emblazoned on his T-shirt. However, that didn’t stop Papa Djokovic from smiling for the camera with the unsub. The scandal was perfect.

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