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Vaccination whirl around Bencic opponent Camila Giorgi

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She defends herself against allegations of fraud with bizarre statements

Vaccination whirl around Bencic opponent Camila Giorgi

Camila Giorgi (31), Belinda Bencic’s next Australian Open opponent in the third round, is said to have participated in Melbourne in 2022 with a fake vaccination card. Her reaction to this did not improve her uncomfortable situation.

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Camila Giorgi was under press conference cross-examination over allegations of fraud.


Marco Pescioreporter sports

It’s a curious press conference that took place at the beginning of the week after Camila Giorgi’s first-round win over Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (6-0, 6-1 in 55 minutes). A back and forth without speed, like a rally in which Giorgi doesn’t get on the train. Giorgi does not answer directly, but evasively or not at all.

There is only one topic. The 31-year-old Italian is said to have participated in the Australian Open last year with a fake corona vaccination certificate, according to the most recent allegation. Her family doctor Daniela Grillone was arrested a year ago because she is said to have issued a number of false certificates for her patients. Also for Giorgi? Well, she then told investigators that she could “confirm with absolute certainty that the entire Giorgi family was not given a vaccine.” So the top Italian player would have cheated in Melbourne in 2022, where vaccination was mandatory.

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