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Wicki’s mommy suffered so well in the final course

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A roller coaster ride of emotions

Wicki’s mommy suffered so well in the final course

The final course of the ESAF swept the audience away. Among them was Joel Wicki’s mom, who really suffered.


Esther Wicki, Joel’s mother, experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions on Sunday.

Leiden: There is no other word that better sums up the end of the ESAF for the Wicki family. Joel Wicki mobilizes the last of his strength in the sawdust. Several times he faces defeat against Matthias Aebischer. But he survives all the tricky moments in the sweltering heat. The mother of the later king also had to suffer – Esther Wicki.

She is caught several times by an SRF camera. During the final walk, she experiences a real rollercoaster ride of emotions. She sits in her covered grandstand seat, highly concentrated. Then she jumps up for the first time. she claps. Then she suddenly puts her hands in front of her mouth. Because once again, Aebischer almost put her son on his back. Wicki’s mom continues to applaud. And at the end – when the title actually belongs to her Joel – she has tears in her eyes. The sheer madness of Pratteln is reality.

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