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Your recipe for success? The underpants-socks trick

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Minigolf European Champion Maja Wicki

Your recipe for success? The underpants-socks trick

Maja Wicki (32) is all about mini golf. To be successful, she needs to wear as many pants as possible!


Maja Wicki became two-time mini golf champion in 2022.


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If Granit Xhaka were a miniature golfer, his crotch grip at the World Cup in Qatar wouldn’t have caused red heads. After all, this gesture is part of everyday life for mini golfers, because they warm up their balls in a wide variety of places on their bodies. So does Maja Wicki. “We often get caught in the crotch,” says the seamstress and laughs.

At the tournament this Saturday morning in Zurich’s Bassersdorf, Wicki is wearing four layers: underpants, shorts, leggings and long pants. “If the ball needs to be as warm as possible, I stuff it in a sock, which I then put in my underpants. If the ball is only to be a bit warm, I just put it in my long pants,” explains the 32-year-old. “The heat is extremely crucial. This makes the ball go faster. That’s why some women stuff the balls in their bras.”

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