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«ZSC is the best team – I need to know»

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After almost four years, Rikard Grönborg has to say goodbye to Zurich.


Dino KesslerHead of Ice Hockey Department

Mr. Grönborg, third place, the best defence, the fewest goals conceded and, behind Geneva, the best point average in the league in the 2022 calendar year. And you will be released. Were you shocked?
Rikard Gronborg: I was first surprised and then disappointed. There are two ways of interpreting this: the analytical, logical way and the emotional way. My analytical side tells me: I was hired to make this organization better, to help the team improve over a period of time. When I came to Zurich, there was quite a bit of unrest here, they had just missed the playoffs. In the first year we were the best team in the league, but unfortunately the playoffs fell through due to the pandemic. The emotional part? It’s hard to have to go now, I’m very connected to this team. The team has the quality for the title and it will reach its peak in the last third of the season.

Do you think the dismissal has anything to do with last season’s dramatically lost final?
We were missing a win. But it’s not my job to speculate about the reason for the dismissal. Those responsible were convinced that they were making the best decision for the organization, and I have to respect that. When you get a job, you get paid to do your best while you’re there. I did that.

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