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German Topmodel Tiana Pongs Brings Hope to Communities Through Charity Work with World Vision

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Hollywood, CA – Tiana Pongs, a top model, author, and ambassador of World Vision Germany, has recently been appointed as the organization’s newest ambassador. With a career that has seen her achieve great success as a model and author, Tiana’s journey is an inspiring one that is now taking her to new heights as an ambassador for a cause that is close to her heart.

In 2008, Tiana starred in a TV commercial for World Vision. Fast forward more than a decade later, Tiana has traveled to Tanzania as a World Vision ambassador to meet her godchild in person. Tiana has been supporting sponsored children since her teenage years and is actively committed to children and their protection.

“Every person on this planet has the same rights, for food, medical care, education, and human rights. It is a special honor for me to be able to work with World Vision for this,” says Tiana.

During her trip to Tanzania, Tiana visited various World Vision projects, including Reading Camps where children under the age of 5 are taught to read and write, and a health center that was built by World Vision to provide much-needed healthcare to the local community. She was particularly moved by her visit to a small village where she met her godchild, Aganyira. Tiana spent the afternoon playing with and getting to know Aganyira and her family, who welcomed her with singing and traditional dancing. Through her sponsorship, Tiana is able to help Aganyira go to school and provide her family with basic necessities such as access to clean drinking water, basic medical care, and proper nutrition.

Tiana’s passion for helping children and her commitment to World Vision’s mission have made her a valuable addition to the organization’s ambassador program. Her inspiring journey from a small town girl to a leading lady in the world of modeling, writing, and now philanthropy, is a testament to her unwavering spirit and dedication to making a positive impact in the world.

For more information on Tiana Pongs and her work with World Vision, visit her website or follow her on social media.





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