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3 essential Tips to Get Your First Data Science Job 

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It takes work to secure the first job as a data scientist. Trainee positions are always available in IT jobs, not to mention data science jobs. How do you increase your chances of getting your first job as a data scientist? This guide offers you a few tips.

How to Secure a Data Science Job ?

On average, a data scientist can earn more than $124,804 a year, according to Glassdoor. Below are three practical tips for you.


If you don’t know something, it’s tough to recognize it. The worse thing is to assume you know something when, in essence, you don’t. 

Trying to use concepts you know very little about, especially during your interview, may disappoint you. Understanding relevant images, as well as knowing how to apply them, is vital. You must pay attention to these two essential elements to retain the job. Therefore, always go into projects to the extent of understanding your code – line by line.

Understand what you want

It can seem abstract to know what you want without prior experience. For instance, you want to become a great data scientist. However, you still need to pass through being a data analyst or a machine learning engineer. At first glance, these positions are similar. Please don’t lose your focus on going for them. If you want to be a data scientist, head towards that on your first shot.

Build a portfolio

If you are new to the career of data science, you need to build your portfolio. Before doing this, you must already be comfortable with data science concepts. 

Building a portfolio will help you learn better and showcase your work. Work on simple projects and be successful with them. Start small and build up. Soon you will have an impressive portfolio and it will help you get data scientist jobs.


Launching your data science career may take a lot of work. But with persistence, you will get to the peak of it. Know what you want, and go for it!

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