Monday, June 5, 2023

But the situation remains tense

Switzerland has saved almost 40 percent gas!

Switzerland is currently on track with its savings target for natural gas consumption. This emerges from the new federal energy information portal. Accordingly, 39 percent less was imported in October than the average of the five months of the previous year.


A gas meter in a basement shows the gas consumption for heating and hot water in the household.

Switzerland is well on the energy saving course. Because of the exceptionally warm weather, less heating was needed. Overall, Switzerland wants to consume at least 15 percent less gas in the winter months from October 2022 to March 2023 than on average over the past five years.

Switzerland has adopted this goal from the EU, as the federal government writes on the portal published on Wednesday. This “against the background of the tense gas supply situation in Europe” and “out of solidarity with our European neighbors”. In concrete terms, Switzerland must save a total of 3997 gigawatt hours of gas. In October, Switzerland saved 1,130 gigawatt hours.

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